WG4: Basic Informatics Topics


Provide information on basic informatics topics important for next generation sequencing (e.g., distributed computing, cloud computing, compression methods, pattern/motif finding).

Chairs and Members


  • Veli Makinen, University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Alberto Policriti, University of Udine, Italy


  • Sven Rahmann
  • Aleksi Kallio
  • Jonas Hagberg
  • Guy Perriere
  • Pedro Fernandes
  • Kjell Petersen
  • Eric Rivals
  • Theodoridis Evangelos
  • Athanasia Pavlopouli
  • Peter Rice
  • J. R. Valverde

Action Plan September 2014--2015

A workshop on Data Structures in Bioinformatics is planned for December 2014. See the web page for details: Data Structures in Bioinformatics

Action Plan September 2011--2012

During the business meeting and the WG4 meeting (7.-9.11.2011), it was proposed to organize the WG4 work as challenges. We propose to organize a challenge for efficient variant calling.


Initial action plan. This is meant as background material to prepare for the workgroup meeting on 09.11.2011.

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