WG2: Development of an Action Plan for NGS bioinformatics to cope with challenges for European Research Area


WG2 is the seamless continuation of WG1. A collaborative effort will be required to address the challenges and gaps in analysis pipelines detected by WG1. Sub-committees will therefore be formed to coordinate responses to technological developments, and to coordinate the design and implementation (by WG3) of software solutions.

Chairs and Members


  • Andreas Gisel, Institute for Biomedical Tecnologies, CNR, Bari, Italy
  • Ana Conesa, Centro de Investigaciones PrĂ­ncipe Felipe, Valencia, Spain


  • Endre Barta
  • Thomas Svensson
  • Peter Baldrian
  • Eric Rivals
  • Robert Lyle
  • J. R. Valverde
  • Babette Regierer


  1. Tools and platforms (list of existing tools and platforms for NGS data analysis)
  2. Parallelization (distributed computing)
  3. Protocols (descriptions on how to analyze NGS data).

The following areas for protocols were selected as first topics to cover:

  • Standart applications such as 'mapping' and 'assembly'
  • Oncogenomics (e.g. how to align ChIP-seq data to normal reference)
  • Metagenomics


to come soon… (WG members, please create sub-pages of this page for any news item. Put a link here in a list, sorted by date.)

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