8-9 December 2014 COST Workshop "Data Structures in Bioinformatics", Montpellier, France

1 June 2012 COST Workshop "Next Generation Sequencing: What´s next?", Uppsala, Sweden


Keynote speaker Mark Pallen - follow his talk on YouTube

Keynote speaker Martin Kerick

More than 200 participants followed the workshop

Ning Li from BGI Europe

Life Technologies (Jussi Vanhatalo)

Pacific Biosciences (Ralph Vogelsang)

30.-31. May 2012 Hadoop and NGS data processing hackathon II, Uppsala, Sweden

28.-31. May 2012 COST Action Training School, Uppsala, Sweden

Programme and Material

Group of Traning School participants

Introduction into the UPMAX system by Ola Spjuth

An interesting calss

Mapping and SNP calling by Christophe Klopp

21.-22. May 2012 High Performance Computing for NGS Data Analysis, Valencia, Spain

Programme and slides

Group picture of participants and speakers

23 May 2012 Work Group 2 & 3 meeting, Valencia, Spain

5.-7. March.2012 Hadoop and NGS data processing hackathon CSC, Espoo, Finland

7.-9. November.2011 MC Business Meeting and Scientific Meeting @ EU COST Office, Brussles, Belgium

18 March 2011: Action Kick-off meeting @ EU COST Office, Brussles, Belgium

Group picture of the first participants

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