Trans-COST Bioinformatics Workshop

After sequencing the human genome the world spent a lot of time and money on the development of bioinformatics tools needed to harvest the wealth of information in those 23 chromosomes.

Today this wealth of knowledge and new technologies like Next Generation Sequencing are expanding to all areas of the Life Sciences, specially in fields like microbial, plant, and lifestock.

During the BMBS DC meeting and Annual Progress Conference - 29-30 May 12, Zagreb, Croatia, we could identify the need to have some kind of coordination/collaboration between different COST Actions having Bioinformatics Work Groups or just in the need of Bioinformatics support.

We will also team with the FP7 Project ALLBIO ( to discuss synergies. The ALLBIO project is a project that collects Life Sciences “Test Cases” and try to find solutions together with researchers from the bioinformatics community.

The goal is to discuss the ways we can formalize such a collaboration and therefore is not a requirement that you or the person that represents your Action to be a bioinformatician.

The Trans-COST meeting will take place at the Hotel NH Tropen, Amsterdam, Nederlands, 29 November 2012.

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