COST Conference "Next Generation Sequencing: a look into the future”

16-17 March 2015, Bratislava, Slovakia

The Conference speakers will present the latest Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies and their applications, and the requisite storage and analysis systems will be discussed; the training available and required to enable researchers to utilise these technologies in new fields of research will also be presented.

Scientific Committee

  • Prof. Teresa Attwood (University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom)
  • Dr. Claudia Angelini (CNR, Naples, Italy)
  • Dr. Erik Bongcam-rudloff (SLU, Uppsala, Sweden)
  • Dr. Laurent Falquet (University of Fribourg, Fribourg, Switzerland)
  • Prof. Jacques van Helden (AMU, Marseille, France)
  • Mr. Oliver Hunewald (CRP-Sante, Luxembourg, Luxembourg)
  • Dr. Lubos Klucar (IMB SAS, Bratislava, Slovakia)
  • Prof. Claude Muller (CRP-Sante, Luxembourg, Luxembourg)
  • Dr. Guy Perriere (Université Claude Bernard, Lyon, France)
  • Dr. Jose Ramon Valverde (CNB/CSIC, Madrid, Spain)
  • Dr. Dimitar Vassilev (Agro Bio Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria)
  • Dr. Vicky Schneider (TGAC, Norwich, United Kingdom)

Scientific Organisers

Keynote Speakers

  • Dr. Jim Dowling (SICS, Stockholm, Sweden): ”Population-Scale Genomics with BiobankCloud
  • Dr. Eija Korpelainen (CSC, Espo, Finland): ”Data deluge demands training tsunami
  • Dr. Paweł Łabaj (Boku University Vienna, Austria): ”Power and Limitations of RNA-Seq: Findings from the SEQC (MAQC-III) consortium


  • (15 March arrival day)
  • 16 March (09:00-18:30) Conference “NGS: a look into the future”
  • 17 March (09:00-12:00) COST Action BM1006 Bussines Meeting (MC members only)



  • Please send your completed registration form by email to Lubos Klucar
  • Registration fee covers access to the presentation and poster sessions, copy of the conference proceedings, coffee breaks and lunch
  • (MC Members don't have to pay the registration/dinner fee as it will be paid directly by the BM1006 grant)
  • Registration deadline: 6 February 2015 extended to 16 February 2015


  • The Conference Proceedings will be published in EMBnet.journal, in one of the following sections:
    • Keynote Lectures (on invitation only)
    • Oral Presentations
    • Posters
  • When submitting, please follow the Submission Instruction
  • The Scientific Committee will evaluate submissions received before the deadline, and will select those suitable for presentation (and reimbursement)
  • Submission deadline: 6 February 2015 extended to 16 February 2015

Venue, practical information

  • The conference, and SeqAhead Management Committee Meeting, will take place in the Sheraton Hotel Bratislava, Slovakia
  • The local currency is the Euro
  • Slovakia is a member of the EU and is in the Schengen area


  • Accommodation should be booked by each participants using the proprietary hotel link, which guarantees the price of 110 € per night (group rate available until 18 February 2015)
  • Only two nights (15/16 and 16/17 March) will be reimbursed to MC members of the COST Action


  • Vienna International Airport (60 km from the venue, all major airlines)
  • There is a regular (hourly) bus service from Vienna Airport to Bratislava operated by Slovak Lines and Blaguss (~7.50 €); the bus station is within walking distance to the venue (10-15 min) (maps for access from Slovak Lines terminal AS and Blaguss stop "Most SNP")
  • A taxi service from Vienna Airport to Bratislava is also available; we recommend to pre-order a local taxi service (46 €), which is much cheaper then picking up a taxi at the airport
  • Bratislava Airport (10 km from the venue, mainly Ryanair hub)
  • Taxi service or public buses can be used for transport from Bratislava Airport to the hotel
  • For any other information contact the local organiser Lubos Klucar

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